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My understanding of Spiritual Awakening

Overall: Spiritual awakening is a process of profound personal transformation, involving a deeper understanding and realization of oneself, life, and the universe. This is often an evolutionary process that includes new insights into the meaning of life, personal goals, and the nature of the universe.

On an individual level: 🧘‍♀️

Individuals may undergo a series of changes. This includes reshaping life values, redefining personal goals, and deepening the sense of connection with oneself and others. More focus is placed on inner peace and satisfaction, not just external success or material wealth. This also includes deep reflection on life experiences and challenges;

Individuals may experience a stronger sense of compassion and love, with an increased understanding and acceptance of others. In this process, one may begin to perceive and understand the mysteries and infinite possibilities of life and existence on a deeper level.

I think this is not any religious metaphysics, but a process of profound self-discovery and understanding, which can lead to deep satisfaction and a sense of life's meaning.

There are many factors that can indeed bring happiness, but like the concept of "every thing is impermanence", these are destined to be fleeting joys:

Material Wealth 🌭: Many people pursue "wealth" in hopes of finding happiness. However, wealth only brings comfort and security. While poverty may decrease happiness, once a certain level of comfort is reached, additional wealth does not significantly increase happiness. There are numerous cases of world-famous billionaires who suffered from depression and committed suicide.

Social Status 🤵: Whether you are an executive in a company or respected by others, these signs of social status are often thought to bring happiness and satisfaction. However, such status often comes with pressure, and if lost, happiness may also disappear.

Physical Beauty 👩: Pursuing good looks and body shape is often considered to bring confidence and happiness, but this type of happiness is often temporary. As age increases, appearance will change, and overemphasis on physical beauty can also lead to issues with self-image.

Consumerism and Shopping 🎁: Shopping and consuming can sometimes bring temporary happiness. However, this joy is fleeting and may bring other problems, such as financial stress or addiction issues.

Entertainment and Escapism 🎈: Activities like hobbies, travel, and watching movies can bring temporary joy and relaxation. But if one relies on these activities for happiness, once these activities end, the happiness disappears.

The purpose of listing these is not to criticize or resist, as they are part of our lives. However, through experiencing these and then realizing that true lasting happiness often comes from deeper factors, such as inner peace, deep connections with others, understanding of life's meaning and purpose, as well as personal value and a sense of achievement, one can truly experience these purposes. Then, one can embark on exploring spiritual awakening and deeper sources of happiness, thus avoiding the trap of self-attachment.

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