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Yatong Wen (He/Him)

Social worker

MindfulYatong is a blog where I share my journey of self-discovery. As a recent graduate, I'm looking to explore and learn more about the world around me.


On my blog, I provide my honest and unfiltered perspectives on topics such as personal growth, mental health, and Spiritual growth.

By keeping a mindful mindset, I am able to share my experiences and learn from others. Join me on my journey of self-exploration and growth.


A Bit About Me

I'm Yatong, the founder of this community. Professionally, I'm a social worker, with a passion for mental health, and a keen interest in spiritual growth. I've worked in various settings from hospitals to community organizations, and I've been privileged to assist individuals on their unique journeys. I have a soft spot for mindfulness and meditation, believing deeply in their power to transform lives. With this forum, my aim is to create a space for like-minded people to connect, learn, and grow together. Looking forward to engaging with you all!

Education, Volunteer, Training


Master of Social Work
Flinders University

During my Master of Social Work degree, I delved deeply into the principles of social work, advocacy, and counseling, honing the skills necessary to support individuals and communities effectively.

In particular, I had the opportunity to work in different settings such as aged care and hospitals, where I developed strong capabilities in cognitive stimulation therapy and clinical social work.

A key highlight of my studies was my engagement in various research projects, which further sharpened my analytical and problem-solving skills.

I also gained experience working with diverse populations, enhancing my cultural competency and communication skills.


The skills and knowledge gained during my degree have been instrumental in my professional journey and have empowered me to make meaningful contributions in the field of social work.


  • Trauma Informed Care (Organisational Aspects)- SA Health

  • Suicide Response - 4 Mental Health

  • Trauma Informed Care (Clinical Aspects) - SA Health

  • Applying ACT for Anxiety And Depression - SA Health

  • Suicide Awareness for Professionals - 4 Mental Health

  • Solution Focused (brief) Therapy - SA Health

  • Creating a Therapeutic Alliance - SA Health

  • Motivational Interviewing - SA Health

  • Standard Mental Health First Aider (26/10/2021 -26/10/2024) - Mental Health First Aid Australia

  • Empowering Excellence: NDIS series- AASW: Social Work Online Training

Ongoing professional development:

Australian Institute Of Professional Counsellors (AIPC)- Diploma of Counselling - CHC51015

Advanced Major: 

  • Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution

  • Counselling Clients with Addictions

  • Family Therapy

Enrolment Date: 28/06/2023

Work Experience

March 2022 - Present

Community Rehabilitation Support Worker 

Wellness Connect 

Commonwealth Psychosocial Support Program

December 2021- March 2022

Youth Mentor/Youth Residential support worker

Life Without Barriers

500 hours Social work placement
- 2021

Social Work Student (Clinical)

Flinders Medical Centre

500 hours Social work placement -  2020

Social Work Student

Southern Crosscare

I provided assistance to individuals recovering from severe mental health issues. I supported these individuals by helping them develop and implement their personalized mental health recovery plans. I offered practical support relating to NDIS/DSP applications, employment, community engagement, housing, service coordination, and legal matters. I also conducted counseling sessions and provided crisis intervention as needed. One of my notable accomplishments in this role was providing long-term, intensive support to a client with Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, significantly contributing to her recovery journey.

I provided essential guidance and support to young individuals within a residential setting. My responsibilities encompassed facilitating development of life skills, fostering emotional growth, and ensuring a safe, supportive environment

In my second Social Work placement, I assisted patients and their families in maneuvering through intricate medical systems. I carried out Clinical Social work assessments of patients' psychosocial needs, working in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams to formulate individualized care plans. My role also involved offering emotional support and counseling to patients and their families during difficult times. Additionally, I coordinated with various community resources and services to smoothen patients' transitions to their homes or alternative care settings.

In my first Social Work placement within an Aged Care setting, I partnered with a multidisciplinary team to implement Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for dementia patients. My role involved enriching the coping strategies of participants, thereby improving their overall well-being. I conducted comprehensive assessments, offered emotional support to clients and their families, and contributed to care planning. Collaborating closely with other healthcare professionals was key to ensuring holistic care.

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